Conversational AI Landscape

Conversational AI Landscape

Speech Technology

Speech technology relates to the technologies designed to respond to the human voice. They have many uses. These include aid to the voice-disabled, the hearing-disabled, and the blind, along with communication with computers without a keyboard. This subject includes speech synthesis, speech, or speaker recognition and (bio) verification.

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XS2Content / Speech Technology logo


XS2Content is a content multiplication solution that will transform how content makers repurpose their content. Thanks to our AI-powered platform, we automatically create engaging content for a plethora of media outlets. Fast and affordable. We are proud to call some of Holland’s leading media companies our clients and have participated in the Dutch Journalism Fund accelerator program. XS2Content is located in Hilversum, the media center of the Netherlands.

Telecats / Speech Technology logo


Al meer dan 25 jaar staat Telecats voor de ontwikkeling van innovatieve oplossingen in klantcontact.

Met onze spraaktechnologie en kunstmatige intelligentie routeren we klantcontact met spraakherkenning naar de best mogelijke oplossing; een medewerker of selfservice. We optimaliseren de klantreis en brengen inzicht in het klantcontact.

Telecats is onderdeel van de Webhelp group en samen met onze klanten leveren we een klantenservice met de beste mogelijke mix van mens en technologie.

Orion Intelligence / Speech Technology logo

Orion Intelligence

Automate high-volume low-complexity questions using artificial intelligence.

VIER / Speech Technology logo


Voeg voice toe aan je chatbot! In VIER's Cognitive Voice Gateway hou je de vrijheid om de STT/TTS engine te kiezen, je eigen telefoonnummers, en we helpen je bij contactcenter integratie.

ReadSpeaker / Speech Technology logo


ReadSpeaker is the most trusted independent digital voice partner for global brands, institutions, and organizations. With over 20 years’ experience, ReadSpeaker’s AI-powered text-to-speech solutions and expert assistance enhance the accessibility of digital content and enable more user-friendly and engaging interactions with technology. The company’s flexible cloud and on-premise solutions bring over 200 expressive, humanlike synthetic voices in more than 50 languages to any application or device. The company consistently maintains its uncompromising commitment to data privacy and has so far speech enabled over 10,000 voice applications worldwide.

ReadSpeaker’s digital voice design brand,, helps brands, agencies, integrators, and developers to enhance CX and drive sales through consistently engaging, on-brand interactions across touchpoints.

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