Conversational AI Landscape

Conversational AI Landscape


Collecting metrics to understand and monitor customer experience, for example conversation-related metrics, session and funnel metrics or bot machine learning model health.

See also the DDMA White Paper on Conversational Analytics.

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The innovative cloud solution by Underlined collects and harmonizes customer interaction data, places data in the context of the customer journey, and actively enriches that data with predictive insights using artificial intelligence. It automatically extracts amounts of customer and feedback data from websites, CRM, and other sources. Making customer data searchable in one single location for insights, personalizations, and advertising. This produces smart and detailed real-time insights about every touchpoint in the customer journey. The insights can be used to optimize every customer’s journey for measurable CX improvements. The CX Data Hub is open for all customer data sources and is the most powerful solution for CX Analytics, a linking-pin between customer insight and company performance. Companies can get actionable insights behind the needs of customers to optimize products and create consumer benefits. Aligning customers’ needs with business goals for better experiences and activation at the right moments across touchpoints.

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