Conversational AI Landscape

Conversational AI Landscape

Branding & Marketing

The service of creating a higher awareness and users through marketing channels. 

5 organisations.

TAMBR / Branding & Marketing logo


With expertise in marketing and music, our team of professionals is on a mission to create a better sounding world. Building on our data-driven sonic branding method, we can help any brand to tap into the power of music. Because every brand deserves an identity in audio.

Genius Voice / Branding & Marketing logo

Genius Voice

Genius Voice replaces your current website search and makes it more accessible through an improved algorithm and voice search capabilities. This enhanced algorithm uses semantic search to handle synonyms and typos better. Users find what they want quicker, expressing themselves how they want. / Branding & Marketing logo is an experienced and specialized A.I. company founded by accomplished professionals. Our focus and ambition is to design, build, and deliver intelligent solutions that empower humans. We use our own unique approach and cutting-edge AI platform Ally to create conversational AI solutions that help customers to engage with companies in a more pleasant and intelligent way, as well as Intelligent Document Processing solutions to support organisations in making knowledge-intensive processes more consistent, scalable, and efficient.

Artefact / Branding & Marketing logo


Artefact is a global service company that sits at the intersection of marketing, consulting and data science.

Our 800 people break business and IT silos and transform organisations into consumer-centric leaders using digital, data and AI.

Doop / Branding & Marketing logo


Doop, a one-stop company, with a team of 60 specialists. Together we add Doop to strategy, branding, lead generation, design, web & mobile solutions, data and intelligence.

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