Conversational AI Landscape

Conversational AI Landscape

Conversational tools

Conversational AI platform tools to develop or design conversational AI interfaces, for example bot builders to create text or voice-based interfaces, and integrate this in voice speakers, websites, apps or contact centers. 

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Nuance Communications, Inc. is the pioneer and leader in conversational AI innovations that bring intelligence to everyday work and life. The company delivers solutions that understand, analyze and respond to human language, amplifying human intelligence. With decades of domain and artificial intelligence expertise, Nuance works with thousands of organizations – in healthcare, telecommunications, automotive, financial services, retail, and more – to create stronger relationships and better experiences for their customers. / Conversational tools logo (AMS: CMCOM) is a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce that enables businesses to deliver a superior customer experience. Our communications and payments platform empowers marketing, sales and customer support to automate engagement with customers across multiple mobile channels, blended with seamless payment capabilities that drive sales, gain customers and increase customer happiness. More information:

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Google Cloud Conversational AI has a collection of conversational AI tools, solutions and APIs, both designers and developers can use. We are approaching Conversational AI in four ways: Customer care, IoT, search engines, and voice assistance.

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IBM Watson

IBM Watson® Studio empowers data scientists, developers and analysts to build, run and manage AI models, and optimize decisions anywhere on IBM Cloud Pak® for Data. Unite teams, automate AI lifecycles and speed time to value on an open multicloud architecture.

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Voiceflow Designer


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Y.Digital is specialized in advanced conversational AI, based on knowledge graph technology. We support non-linear dialogues, end-to-end language understanding and short and longterm memory to support complex, omnichannel conversations.

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