Conversational AI Landscape

Conversational AI Landscape

Contact center tools

Contact Center tools are tools used in call centers or customer experience (CX) centers. For example, AI tooling to automate, transmitting or transcribing high volumes on telephone systems or chat interfaces. The telephone systems often use conversational AI routing technology as an integrated part of contact center (cloud)solutions.

This provides better experiences for customers and insights into call drivers while saving money for businesses. Improve contact center metrics, including case deflection rate, CSAT, & resolution time.  

7 organisations.

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Now organizations of all sizes can deliver AI-powered,

personalized experiences.

Delight your customers, inspire your team, offer personalization on every channel,

anywhere, anytime. Find the solution that fits your organization.

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Data-driven customer engagement - at scale. Twilio powers personalized interactions and trusted global communications to connect you with customers.

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Google Cloud approaches Conversational AI in four ways: customer care, IoT, search engines, and voice assistance.

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Dialogflow is a natural language understanding platform used to design and integrate a conversational user interface into mobile apps, web applications, devices, bots, interactive voice response systems and related uses.

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The Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center makes it easy for your business to engage customers on their channel of choice to quickly provide the type of intuitive, personalized, and more human experience they want. / Contact center tools logo (AMS: CMCOM) is a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce that enables businesses to deliver a superior customer experience. Our communications and payments platform empowers marketing, sales and customer support to automate engagement with customers across multiple mobile channels, blended with seamless payment capabilities that drive sales, gain customers and increase customer happiness. More information:

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Content Guru

Content Guru makes engagement easy. A global leader in cloud communications solutions, we deliver off-the-shelf and bespoke customer engagement and cloud contact centre services, through the multi-award-winning storm® solution.

Europe’s largest Customer Engagement and Experience solution, storm, brings together intelligent automation, third-party systems integration, and on-demand scalability to enhance all customer communication functions. With true omni-channel engagement capabilities, storm gives organisations the power to create consistent and seamless experiences for customers, inspiring loyalty and powering success.

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